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“I just wanted to write to you and let you know of a couple people that I feel are outstanding, proactive and professional members of your staff. I must state that I have had positive interactions with all PMSC staff—the two below seem to go beyond to offer better service than expected.

First, <PMSC employee> regularly passes thru our Executive and Administrative offices to scan the area and see if any lights are out. As recently as yesterday he arrived to replace all the fluorescents that were out in the office of the Executive Director, my office and Mary’s area. There were many lights out—could be 20 or more—that he took care of methodically and cleanly. This is wonderful as we did not have to request the replacements. He’s also very tidy and fast when dealing with filter replacements. A potentially dirty and disruptive activity executed cleanly and in an organized fashion. Professional, quiet and always a smile.

Secondly, <PMSC employee>. It is a joy to see and speak to <PMSC employee> every day. Whether he is checking the windows and doors for smudges or the carpet for stains or his daily trash collection, <PMSC employee> is always very polite, conscientious, clean and efficient. Even when he is obviously tired from spot cleaning the massive Great Hall carpet after all the messy people the night before, he always greets us with a smile and asks for permission when entering a sensitive area like the Executive Director’s office. And when he cannot enter due to a meeting or something, he has never forgotten to return later in the afternoon to check the room and the trash in the Executive Director’s office.

Great employees are hard to find—to be sure. These two gentlemen, from a client point of view, are two great employees.”

“Dear <PMSC employee>

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your outstanding service and initiative in the care and upkeep of our beautiful historic building, the U.S. Pension Building (National Building Museum). Your skill, diligence and enthusiasm in the execution of your duties are unparalleled. I want you to know how much I appreciate the way that you consistently take on additional responsibilities, as well as your outstanding level of responsiveness to requests made by the GSA Building Manager’s Office.

I can’t remember a time when our building has looked so nicely groomed and finished, or when the 4th floor columns have been more attractive. More than a few of our tenant-customers as well as members of the public-at-large have commented recently on how wonderful the building looks. This is a direct result of your excellent service.

In the business of management of a public property, we are constantly being judged on the appearance and first impressions of the space, and we must always strive to put or best foot forward. We rely heavily on dependable service from customer service professionals like you in order to help us meet our organizational goals and satisfy our customers’ needs.

Again, thank you so much for your wholehearted participation in the maintenance of our building. I have no doubt that we would not have attained the level of success that we have without your countless contributions and enthusiasm. I never fail to be impressed by your devotion and professionalism. You have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. I most earnestly look forward to our continued mutual success.”

“We wanted to personally take the time to thank <two PMSC employees> for their timely and detailed responses to our recent service call requests regarding the temperature changes here at the BOC. We started experiencing unreasonable bouts of warmth and at times, extreme cold about a week or so ago due largely in part to the severe swings in weather. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of modifications necessary to accommodate our 24/7 climate here in the office.

Through it all, <two PMSC employees> have been nothing but professional, courteous, patient, accommodating and gracious. No matter what our needs, or how frequently they’ve had to visit, they have been nothing short of impressive. Thanks so much for being the lifeline that we (often) need in the 9th hour (so to speak)J. We definitely appreciate you.”

“I just want to thank you for the prompt response this morning and the professional solution your team developed. Moving the drain line so it would drain to the outside will really make everybody’s life a little bit easier. Thank you.”

“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to those that were working at the Warehouse this past Saturday. There were three major projects going on simultaneously and a limited window of opportunity to have all assignments completed; GSA Switch-gear doing the much needed PM on the (B) side of the facility, R.E. Lee working on the high voltage lines and removing the re-closure next to Building (C), and PMSC replacing the Outside Screw and Yolk Valve (OS&Y) in bay 4 A, which was damaged last Friday by another contractor working in Building (A). We had six hours to complete all tasks. Everyone showed up on time and ready to work, maintained focus, and brought the power back on-line at 1130 hrs, thirty minutes before deadline. GSA Switch-gear was able to finish all of their inventory on the B side, Contractor Doe completed everything with the exception of removing the old transformer, which I was told by Mike from Contractor Doe they were going to try to take care of this week, the PMSC crew helped take all of the buildings down and then back up, and in the middle of the outage replaced a 300lb OS&Y valve that needed to be manually fitted, and Jerry from GSA Fire Alarm Shop took the fire suppression system off & on-line and also tested the flow and tamper switches once the power was restored. Sam, thanks for getting the outage and access to the buildings approved and providing monitors that were ready to go once we were in place.

Thanks again for your efforts it was a great learning experience.”

“We had a 36 hour power outage on the entire Denver Federal Center last weekend due to some necessary GSA work to connect a new substation, and Excel Energy doing some work on the portion of the grid serving DFC. There was much concern by our tenants as to their risk and continuation of required operations. PMSC took a lot of pre-emptive action, and by your staff’s extensive planning, everything went very well. The few “glitches” were immediately addressed and fixed. I received NO complaints from any tenant! Your team spent many extra hours onsite providing support to generators and fire watches. At no time did I have any worries or concerns about our buildings or our tenants’ needs because of the thorough planning by the PMSC Project Manager. I wish to commend the PMSC team on the DFC for the outstanding performance and effort they expended in meeting the needs of GSA and our customers. The following are commendations of two of the Building Managers on Team A that also were impressed by PMSC’s support during this critical time. I look forward to our next meeting in May.”

“…and wanted to let you know what a great job PMSC is doing here at the Federal Center for GSA and Team A.

I am a project manager and work almost exclusively in buildings run by Team A and operated on by your group and have found your group to be very easy to work with.

The PMSC’s Project Manager could not be more professional, knowledgeable or helpful as a supervisor and your team reflects the same characteristics and work ethic.

There is a lot going on out here and we know we can count on him and the rest of the team whether that be for information or work to be done.

All members of the team work well with the tenants and provide timely assistance and a positive attitude, which is not a constant when working with the Government.

I’ve worked with <PMSC employee> the most and I know he really cares about his team and what he does out here. They have all been a huge help to me professionally.

Please do not take this lightly as I am not the only PM who feels this way, although I may be the only one who has written you.”

Engineer <PMSC employee>, Engineer <PMSC employee>, and Engineer <PMSC employee>. I have regular contact with these employees on a weekly basis, and rely on them heavily. The professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail exhibited by each of these employees is exemplary. They have always performed their duties in a professional manner with attention to detail that does not go unnoticed During my time here as the Supervisor Deputy I’m not aware of any maintenance related situation or problem that arose in our office space or cell block area that these individuals were unable to resolve quickly and efficiently. Please extend to them my appreciation for all the hard work that they do.”

“…I would like to take the opportunity to commend five of the PMSC employees that are currently working here at the courthouse….I have regular contact with these employees on a weekly basis, and rely on them heavily. The professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail exhibited by each of these employees is exemplary…”

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