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“I would like to specially thank you and the PMSC custodial staff for the outstanding job that you did on the second and third floor tile corridors and the Great Hall Carpet this week. This is the best that I have ever seen the tile floors look since I have been assigned this building.

I greatly appreciate the diligence and responsiveness that you and your staff have shown to emerging needs and requests.

It is a pleasure to work with true professionals who take pride in their work and who know how to treat a customer.”

“Mike and I would like to thank you for providing coverage throughout the storm. Your guys were, as always, readily available and supportive during this event. We have received several compliments from higher ups who actually represent the Secretary and the Under Secretary so again we thank you for your support.”

“I just want to thank you for the prompt response this morning and the professional solution your team developed. Moving the drain line so it would drain to the outside will really make everybody’s life a little bit easier. Thank you.”

“To PMSC Project Manager: I wanted to personally thank you and your team for all the hard work they did to make sure this power outage went through without a hitch in B99. Even when you ran into a hitch, you operated quickly to correct the problem, making our tenant very happy!”

“Recently we concluded one of the most difficult trials in our recent history. As you know, this trial was complicated by the implementation of extraordinary security measures that had an impact on the City of Alexandria and the Albert V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse. It required street closures, designating and posting of restricted parking areas around the Courthouse, re-routing buses, and the use of resources from the General Services Administration (GSA) and Preventive Maintenance Services Company (PMSC) for various aspects of security for the trial. The trial proceeded smoothly and no breaches of security occurred that could have affected the outcome of the trial.

I want to take this opportunity to commend the employees of the GSA and PMSC for their efforts in assisting the United States Marshals Service with many aspects involved in this trial. PMSC personnel provided needed services upon request and did so in a timely fashion. Much of the credit for the success of this mission is due to the cooperation and dedication of those employees. Their actions contributed significantly to the success in managing this most difficult trial.

I also want to thank GSA and PMSC for their cooperation and willingness to support the United States Marshals Service. Specifically, I want to recognize your extraordinary efforts, as well as those of Jim Smith and Michael Jones and the PMSC staff, who have continually provided support to our agency. They have done such an outstanding job under the most difficult of circumstances and for that we are grateful.

On behalf of the United States Marshals Service for the Eastern District of Virginia, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation and message of gratitude to the employees of GSA and PMSC for their cooperation, support and dedication, especially during the Moussaoui trial. The leadership skills and abilities they brought to this sensitive assignment made a considerable contribution to the overall success of this mission.”

“During August, 2008, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) took place here in Denver, Colorado. Critical operational support was manned out of a building located at the Denver Federal Center, which is serviced by your company under Contract Number XYZ. It has brought to my attention that your company responded to a series of incidents which were resolved efficiently, effectively and timely. PMSC employees responded with professional service and skill in making what could only be described as a possible nightmare just a minor bump in the road for our tenants. Thank you for providing such a highly qualified staff that performs high quality services for the Government.”

“As I talked with Joe Smith this morning, he made a specific point to recognize the quick response and problem solving by PMSC to ABC requests. He emphasized particularly the courtesy and promptness of yourself and especially <PMSC employee>. Please convey my appreciation to your entire staff for the great work you are doing in meeting the needs of our customers and GSA!”

“…to thank you and your staff for the STELLAR turnaround on the refurbishment of rooms 3131 and 3133…<PMSC employee> came up on more than one occasion to help move stuff and make sure the contractors were performing as desired. In addition, <PMSC employee> also made multiple visits to make sure things were progressing as needed. In short, it was a job well done and very positive reflection…Thank you and well done.”

“…I want to take this opportunity to commend the employees of the GSA and PMSC for their efforts in assisting the United States Marshals Service with many aspects involved in this trial. PMSC personal provided needed services upon request and did so in a timely fashion…”

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