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“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to those that were working at the Warehouse this past Saturday. There were three major projects going on simultaneously and a limited window of opportunity to have all assignments completed; GSA Switch-gear doing the much needed PM on the (B) side of the facility, R.E. Lee working on the high voltage lines and removing the re-closure next to Building (C), and PMSC replacing the Outside Screw and Yolk Valve (OS&Y) in bay 4 A, which was damaged last Friday by another contractor working in Building (A). We had six hours to complete all tasks. Everyone showed up on time and ready to work, maintained focus, and brought the power back on-line at 1130 hrs, thirty minutes before deadline. GSA Switch-gear was able to finish all of their inventory on the B side, Contractor Doe completed everything with the exception of removing the old transformer, which I was told by Mike from Contractor Doe they were going to try to take care of this week, the PMSC crew helped take all of the buildings down and then back up, and in the middle of the outage replaced a 300lb OS&Y valve that needed to be manually fitted, and Jerry from GSA Fire Alarm Shop took the fire suppression system off & on-line and also tested the flow and tamper switches once the power was restored. Sam, thanks for getting the outage and access to the buildings approved and providing monitors that were ready to go once we were in place.

Thanks again for your efforts it was a great learning experience.”

“<PMSC employee>, your presentation this morning was very nicely done. Thank you for taking the time to put it together, and for making the content very appropriate for the audience. We really appreciate the efforts that you and PMSC are making to focus on energy savings. I was asked if I could get a copy of your slides—would you mind? Thank you.”

“This note is to recognize <PMSC employee> at the US Customs House in downtown Denver for his great work and fantastic customer service. He is always there for our tenants, the general public, his teammates, and GSA. As the ARRA work continues at the Customs House, <PMSC employee> has been a huge help to me and many others on the GSA team. This project has gone smoothly, in part due to the positive attitude and professionalism that <PMSC employee> always demonstrates. In my opinion, they represent what true customer service is all about, and the management at GSA and PMSC should be proud to have him as an employee. Thanks to <PMSC employee> for helping the GSA fulfill its mission to government and the American People.”

“Thanks to you and your team for your hard work to make sure the custom house is comfortable for our first winter storm. I walked the building this morning and temperatures are nearly normal. Great job!”

“To PMSC Project Manager: I wanted to personally thank you and your team for all the hard work they did to make sure this power outage went through without a hitch in B99. Even when you ran into a hitch, you operated quickly to correct the problem, making our tenant very happy!”

“To PMSC Project Manager: Thank you very much for all your help throughout the outage. I know you and your staff worked all weekend to ensure TA was sound. This outage went smooth and there is no doubt PMSC is owed credit.”

“…and wanted to let you know what a great job PMSC is doing here at the Federal Center for GSA and Team A.

I am a project manager and work almost exclusively in buildings run by Team A and operated on by your group and have found your group to be very easy to work with.

The PMSC’s Project Manager could not be more professional, knowledgeable or helpful as a supervisor and your team reflects the same characteristics and work ethic.

There is a lot going on out here and we know we can count on him and the rest of the team whether that be for information or work to be done.

All members of the team work well with the tenants and provide timely assistance and a positive attitude, which is not a constant when working with the Government.

I’ve worked with <PMSC employee> the most and I know he really cares about his team and what he does out here. They have all been a huge help to me professionally.

Please do not take this lightly as I am not the only PM who feels this way, although I may be the only one who has written you.”

“I am a huge Broncos fan. The team is doing well because everyone is doing their job from the top down.

PMSC has some of the same characteristics as the Broncos. PMSC performs the maintenance for buildings 99. Building 99 was built in 1941 and was converted into a fitness center called the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center has many maintenance challenges and when PMSC came aboard a while back, they confronted many of the challenges that have not been addressed in previous years. PMSC has made important improvements to the heating and cooling systems, interior appearance and exterior updating, among many other meticulous maintenance needs as well.

The Wellness Center is the best overall now than it has ever been, and the maintenance part of running a successful Fitness Center is VERY important! This tells me that everyone involved is doing their job from the top down.

Please forward this email to the appropriate people so you and your crew can be recognized for your hard work.”

“I would like for you to know how pleased the Office of ABC (OABC) is with the outstanding maintenance services <PMSC employee> and <PMSC employee> have been providing OABC over the past few months. As you know OABC occupies buildings 900 and 900C and for the period from last October to date, we had no less than 75 building related maintenance calls in which <PMSC employee> and <PMSC employee> were involved. It is very evident that not only from the way <two PMSC employees> represents PMSC and GSA, but also in their expertise in solving various maintenance issues. The information and services that both <two PMSC employees> provide OABC is very beneficial to us. We have received numerous positive comments from employees in buildings 900 and 900A on the service they provide.

Most of us know it takes time to complete certain projects, however our customers do not understand why it takes so long sometimes, but <two PMSC employees>always take the time to explain projects to the best of their knowledge so the customer has an idea of what to expect. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

We look forward to working with PMSC and GSA in the future on all our building maintenance projects/issues and it’s a pleasure to work with individuals like <two PMSC employees>who know the meaning of the word “Service” and “Efficiency.” OABC truly appreciates <two PMSC employees> dedication to their duties.

Thank you PMSC and GSA.”

“During August, 2008, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) took place here in Denver, Colorado. Critical operational support was manned out of a building located at the Denver Federal Center, which is serviced by your company under Contract Number XYZ. It has brought to my attention that your company responded to a series of incidents which were resolved efficiently, effectively and timely. PMSC employees responded with professional service and skill in making what could only be described as a possible nightmare just a minor bump in the road for our tenants. Thank you for providing such a highly qualified staff that performs high quality services for the Government.”

“I wanted to take a moment to give kudos to our PMSC group! They ALL worked very hard to help us shine on our MARS review. They made us look great! As a matter of fact, they were so impressed with our Fire books that <PMSC employee> put together, they have decided to use it as an example of best practices throughout our region. They were also impressed with how organized our MSDS books were and the cleanliness of our buildings. I’m proud to say that PMSC is (our) O&M contract!”

“…the engineering staff of PMSC has been very helpful in supporting and enabling the work of contractors…In addition, the custodial staff has done a great job keeping the vehicle barrier areas clean and prepared for work. On a day-to-day basis, this PMSC team has proved itself to be reliable, conscientious and a very valuable asset to our organization…”

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