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“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to those that were working at the Warehouse this past Saturday. There were three major projects going on simultaneously and a limited window of opportunity to have all assignments completed; GSA Switch-gear doing the much needed PM on the (B) side of the facility, R.E. Lee working on the high voltage lines and removing the re-closure next to Building (C), and PMSC replacing the Outside Screw and Yolk Valve (OS&Y) in bay 4 A, which was damaged last Friday by another contractor working in Building (A). We had six hours to complete all tasks. Everyone showed up on time and ready to work, maintained focus, and brought the power back on-line at 1130 hrs, thirty minutes before deadline. GSA Switch-gear was able to finish all of their inventory on the B side, Contractor Doe completed everything with the exception of removing the old transformer, which I was told by Mike from Contractor Doe they were going to try to take care of this week, the PMSC crew helped take all of the buildings down and then back up, and in the middle of the outage replaced a 300lb OS&Y valve that needed to be manually fitted, and Jerry from GSA Fire Alarm Shop took the fire suppression system off & on-line and also tested the flow and tamper switches once the power was restored. Sam, thanks for getting the outage and access to the buildings approved and providing monitors that were ready to go once we were in place.

Thanks again for your efforts it was a great learning experience.”

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