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“…and wanted to let you know what a great job PMSC is doing here at the Federal Center for GSA and Team A.

I am a project manager and work almost exclusively in buildings run by Team A and operated on by your group and have found your group to be very easy to work with.

The PMSC’s Project Manager could not be more professional, knowledgeable or helpful as a supervisor and your team reflects the same characteristics and work ethic.

There is a lot going on out here and we know we can count on him and the rest of the team whether that be for information or work to be done.

All members of the team work well with the tenants and provide timely assistance and a positive attitude, which is not a constant when working with the Government.

I’ve worked with <PMSC employee> the most and I know he really cares about his team and what he does out here. They have all been a huge help to me professionally.

Please do not take this lightly as I am not the only PM who feels this way, although I may be the only one who has written you.”

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