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“I just wanted to write to you and let you know of a couple people that I feel are outstanding, proactive and professional members of your staff. I must state that I have had positive interactions with all PMSC staff—the two below seem to go beyond to offer better service than expected.

First, <PMSC employee> regularly passes thru our Executive and Administrative offices to scan the area and see if any lights are out. As recently as yesterday he arrived to replace all the fluorescents that were out in the office of the Executive Director, my office and Mary’s area. There were many lights out—could be 20 or more—that he took care of methodically and cleanly. This is wonderful as we did not have to request the replacements. He’s also very tidy and fast when dealing with filter replacements. A potentially dirty and disruptive activity executed cleanly and in an organized fashion. Professional, quiet and always a smile.

Secondly, <PMSC employee>. It is a joy to see and speak to <PMSC employee> every day. Whether he is checking the windows and doors for smudges or the carpet for stains or his daily trash collection, <PMSC employee> is always very polite, conscientious, clean and efficient. Even when he is obviously tired from spot cleaning the massive Great Hall carpet after all the messy people the night before, he always greets us with a smile and asks for permission when entering a sensitive area like the Executive Director’s office. And when he cannot enter due to a meeting or something, he has never forgotten to return later in the afternoon to check the room and the trash in the Executive Director’s office.

Great employees are hard to find—to be sure. These two gentlemen, from a client point of view, are two great employees.”

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