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“I would like for you to know how pleased the Office of ABC (OABC) is with the outstanding maintenance services <PMSC employee> and <PMSC employee> have been providing OABC over the past few months. As you know OABC occupies buildings 900 and 900C and for the period from last October to date, we had no less than 75 building related maintenance calls in which <PMSC employee> and <PMSC employee> were involved. It is very evident that not only from the way <two PMSC employees> represents PMSC and GSA, but also in their expertise in solving various maintenance issues. The information and services that both <two PMSC employees> provide OABC is very beneficial to us. We have received numerous positive comments from employees in buildings 900 and 900A on the service they provide.

Most of us know it takes time to complete certain projects, however our customers do not understand why it takes so long sometimes, but <two PMSC employees>always take the time to explain projects to the best of their knowledge so the customer has an idea of what to expect. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

We look forward to working with PMSC and GSA in the future on all our building maintenance projects/issues and it’s a pleasure to work with individuals like <two PMSC employees>who know the meaning of the word “Service” and “Efficiency.” OABC truly appreciates <two PMSC employees> dedication to their duties.

Thank you PMSC and GSA.”

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