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“The GSA COR, GSA Consultant and O&M Project Manager, PMSC through designing projects, implementing projects and managing the BAS (Building Automation System) were able to save 1.7 million gallons of water, reduce Electrical consumption by 22% for building 67 from 2013 to 2014. They were also able to reduce gas consumption by 2.4 million cubic feet during the months of June – September resulting in an overall gas reduction for 2013.

Here is a list of the projects that have taken place over the last two years to make building 99 so energy efficient.

  • 6/13—Electric Water heaters
  • 2012—Lighting Controls commissioned in 2012
  • 5/12—Elect Condensate pumps
  • 6/12—and 12x/12 Steam trap repairs
  • 7/12—Steam leak repair
  • 9/12—Outside door replacements 9/2012
  • 8/12—Basement OA Dampers gasket replacements
  • 3/13—Wallpack lighting replaced with LED
  • Last 2 years—Energy Efficiency Motors
  • 9/13—DA Tank replaced
  • 9/13—VFD north cooling tower
  • 9/12—Tunnel insulation installed
  • 2/13—Replaced CRAC unit with High efficiency (14 SEER)
  • 3/13—replaced roof lights with LED
  • • 10/12—Terlyn water treatment system installed on Cooling Tower (allows 35 cycles) with minimal blow down.
  • 10/12—Also changed CT logic to minimize water and elect usage.
  • 5/13—installed new OA dampers on 3rd floor
  • 8/13—Lobby lighting retrofit
  • 9/13—Leaky steam valves replaced in Penthouse
  • 1/12—retrofit Lobby exterior lighting with LED
  • Team conducts weekly energy review meetings

We are moving forward in 2014 with more energy saving projects which will include more cooling tower upgrades, damper replacements, and Led Light conversions. In addition, they are developing a Power Point presentation which includes graphs from the Schneider system documenting the energy savings for presentations.”

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