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icon-facility-maintenance-bluePeak efficiency is critical to protecting your costly facility assets—to ensure the assets of your building remain reliable, operational and functional. We utilize database software to maintain and track each piece of equipment that supports your building. The reliable and knowledgeable team we build at your site protects your investment through the use of our popular Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Program (PPMP). The PPMP uncovers historic trends, delivers life-cycle analysis and incorporates manufacturers’ recommended service frequencies to sustain equipment peak efficiency.
PMSC’s PPMP is customized to meet your facility needs to produce a safe, productive and pleasant environment for your tenants to perform their critical missions.

Our managers and corporate staff team work together to resolve your facility’s needs for management, maintenance and repairs. Our onsite staff is available for immediate response, minimizing down-time to acute maintenance and repairs to critical building equipment, such as HVAC Systems, where we strive for zero downtime for cooling, heating and utility service energy conservation. We have access to hundreds of service and supply vendors with immediate procurement of parts and service capabilities. We provide full facility support services, including, but not limited to:

Administrative and Help Desk

helpdeskOur Production Control Clerks and Administrative Assistants achieve an outstanding job of supporting the needs of our customers and our government contract partners. They are highly trained to understand the contract requirements, logistical support and daily tasks we must provide. They are sensitive and personable, and understand the client’s mission, and our job to support that mission to achieve success.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

  • MPulse
  • TMA

Record Keeping

  • Deliverables for our government partners
  • Reporting items to third party source. (county permits and certificates, state reporting on behalf of our client)
  • Many of our sites have Notary Publics on staff to assist with official documents for which our clients may need a notary signature
  • Historical document tracking
  • IDIQ project tracking cost
  • Quality control inspection and tracking

Three Tier Service Call Response

  • Our staff handles customer service call and repair calls form cradle to grave, issuing, tracking and closing tickets

Architectural and Structural Maintenance

surveyPMSC can support mechanical structure renovation, cooling tower and piping support, Air Handler foundation vibration supports, garage post tension systems, concrete spalling, and encapsulated rusting repairs.

  • Garage Structures/Parking Lots
  • Minor to Mid-level Construction and Facility Alterations
  • Repairs and Renovations
  • Total Building Management

Budget Assistance and Review

customersOur Project Managers work with the COR’s (Contracting Officer Representatives) to track contract line item money, task order cost, capital improvement cost, and review of facility condition assessments. Recommendations are suggested to our government partners that uncover promising investments for the facilities. Our Project Managers track internal budgets for base cost, and separately for IDIQ projects.

  • We work in tandem with Building Owners, Facilities Managers, Contracting Officers and their staff to assist in the control of budgets, chart for the future, research projects and present ROI results on operations and energy conservation projects.
  • Historical data is maintained at our sites on maintenance expenditures, RWA project tracking and even digital images of projects as they progress. This is a valuable tool for future reference milestones.
  • When we uncover an opportunity, we promptly develop task orders focused on cost savings and energy efficiency, presenting to our client for consideration.
  • We manage more than $5,000,000 RWA projects per year on selected projects.

Building Controls

Our staff is experienced with multiple building automation systems and factory trained to troubleshoot and support building analytics. PMSC has the expertise and management capabilities to perform a variety of controls services in-house with support from our Building Professional Services division such as:

  • Commissioning new or added vendor controls to ensure proper operation
  • Identify and set optimum alarm and monitoring points
  • Integrate different automation systems through open controls architecture
  • LAN and Ethernet installations
  • Optimize existing building automation systems for maximum performance and energy savings
  • Troubleshooting programming languages for multiple automation systems
  • UPS Maintenance

Custodial and Related Services

Custodial Services

PMSC’s custodial services begin with an assessment of the tenants at the facilities to determine if there are special customer service requirements, such as Courthouses (Judges) and Scientists (laboratories), so we can research, identify and incorporate any special needs. PMSC supports Green technology and Green Cleaning in all facilities. Purchasing of Green cleaning products and review of Green procedures is standard procedure. We include the following at each facility.

  • After Hours Response
  • Annual Cleaning Plan
  • Building Tours
  • CMMS/Service Call Response Program
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Operational Plans
  • Quality Control Program
  • Safety Program
  • Use of Energy Star Equipment and LEED/Green Practices and Products

Related Services

  • Pest Control
  • Recycling Programs and Trash Removal
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Surface Area Maintenance, including Roads, Sidewalks and Curbs
  • Trash, Refuse Removal and Composting


Electrical Services

maintenancePMSC believes that utilizing advanced technologies, such as thermal infrared imaging, enhances our ability to provide predictive electrical maintenance services. We continue to invest in the proper equipment and OSHA safety training for our personnel to provide the following services.

  • Electrical Systems and Equipment
    • Transformers
    • Switch Gear
    • Infrared Imaging
  • Elevator and Escalator Maintenance
  • Emergency Generators (dual fuel or diesel) Maintenance; Operations and Test Loading
  • Lighting Systems—Solar Powered, LED, Retro-fitted Systems for Energy Conservation
  • Non-critical UPS Systems

Energy Management & Sustainability

green-sustainmentPMSC recognizes that a key component to running a facility efficiently relates to how the infrastructure collectively works together. Decisions for new equipment or structural changes are frequently made without considering the impact on other equipment and systems. By studying a compiled list of building systems and equipment, along with the infrastructure design on how they collectively work together, PMSC will develop recommendations for enhancing your current infrastructure, its efficiency, along with improvements for upgrades of old, inefficient and costly equipment and systems.

Energy Management

With a strong background in the field of energy management, PMSC’s leadership, supported by its Building Professional Services (BPS) division, brings significant value in the following areas of energy challenges.

  • Building Automation or Building Management System Re-Tuning
  • Whole Building Commissioning
  • Smart Building Integrations
  • Demand Side Management (Quantity of Usage)
  • Energy Audits (ASHRAE Based)
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Supply Side Management (Utility Rates)
  • Energy Program Consultation
  • Advanced Metering Installation and Repairs
  • Renewable Energy Evaluations
  • Development of Design Standard and Project Scopes


We invest in our staff’s training for sustainability initiatives to ensure green technologies and products are widely adopted while balancing the customer’s financial impact. PMSC’s staff is diversified to provide the following services.

  • Bio-based product recommendations
  • Green Technology research
  • LEED Analysis and recommendations


Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

maintenancePMSC recognizes that the outside of your facility deserves appropriate maintenance and care. Our onsite managers work directly with professionals on items such as tree trimming and protection of grounds, trees and plants. Annual planning is critical for maintaining healthy grounds, trees, scrubs, and grass.

  • Access to arborist for tree care, including access to the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
  • Greening techniques for land conservation
  • Irrigation system operations and repairs
  • Pest control
  • Professional and quality mowing and lawn care
  • Radiant heating systems for sidewalks and parking areas
  • Recycling programs and trash removal
  • Seasonal lawn treatments, over seed, irrigation and chemical treatment
  • Snow and ice control
  • Surface area maintenance, including roads, sidewalks and curbs
  • Trash, refuse removal and composting

Life Safety & Security

Fire and Life Safety systems are a critical part of keeping our tenants safe. A well maintained and tested fire alarm, sprinkler and suppression system is the most important part of daily lives in the work place.

  • Fire Protection Systems & Equipment
  • Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems
  • Life Safety Systems & Equipment
  • Unarmed Security Services

Mechanical Services

maintenancePMSC strives to ensure our employees understand the operations of all mechanical systems. Understanding the details can help preserve and prolong the life of equipment, but failure can happen. We are directly involved in all repairs and service. Most services we perform in-house to save our customers money, and to have hands-on knowledge of the repair or replacement. If a subcontractor is used, they are carefully vetted before awarded any repair project.

  • Air Handling and Distribution Systems
  • Boiler Control Operations and Maintenance
  • Boiler Inspections
  • Central HVAC Systems and Equipment
  • Chiller/Compressor Maintenance and Inspections
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRAC)
  • Plumbing Repairs and Water Treatment Systems
  • Water Treatment

Mission-Critical Building Operations

As a trusted complete facility maintenance provider for mission-critical building operations, PMSC staff is dedicated to analyzing, monitoring and servicing your building’s equipment for optimum performance. Our talented team has demonstrated their ability to handle multiple emergency events over the years—hurricanes, earthquakes, major snow events, flooding, and utility power spikes, among others. Unforeseen emergencies can be effectively handled to minimize disruption and impairment to your mission-critical operations such as data centers and laboratories. Through the combination of their expertise, dedication, creative thinking, and prompt response, our team has received numerous accolades for their effective response to emergency events.

PMSC staff is dedicated to analyzing, monitoring and servicing your building’s equipment for optimum performance. Additionally, we ensure annual and tri-annual electrical shutdown testing and cleaning is performed.

  • DATA center dual feed server system power
  • Electrical parallel gear operations
  • Emergency generators operation
  • FM200 or Halon monitoring and service
  • Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 laboratory consulting
  • Moisture detector system maintenance
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certified testing on all your fire alarm and fire suppression systems
  • Operations, maintenance and repairs on your mission-critical data center mechanical and electrical systems
  • Redundant and dual power systems analysis
  • Tier I, II, III and IV data center consulting
  • Uninterrupted Power Systems maintenance

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Although Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) sound comparable as maintenance activities, they are separate tasks with different goals. The common thread between Predictive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance is to ensure your equipment and systems are in top condition with no unplanned downtime or shutdowns. What differs is the timing and nature of the tasks. Typically PdM refers to non-invasive tasks to identify or diagnose the condition of your equipment. PM refers to invasive tasks performed after the PdM process results are in to assist in restoring the condition of your equipment, such as replacing a defective or deteriorated component.

Extending the life of your equipment is our goal. Through the use of our Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Program (PPMP), we uncover historic trends, deliver life-cycle analysis and incorporate manufacturers’ recommended service frequencies to institute and sustain equipment life and peak efficiency. PMSC’s PPMP is customized to meet your facility needs to produce a safe, reliable and productive environment for your tenants—and to ensure the critical missions of your tenant are not disrupted.

Protect, Project and Perform

What does it mean to be in control of your operation? Protect your investment. Project your costs. Ensure optimal performance.

PMSC’s leadership, augmented by a skilled, technically trained team can bring value to your bottom line. Our goal, “Your partner in performance excellence” means we will consistently deliver high quality maintenance and operations services on time, and exceed your expectations over the life of our commitment.

Facilities support is delivered using both predictive and preventive maintenance of building systems and equipment, as well as finding energy efficient solutions. Leveraging PMSC’s experience, through the implementation of best practices and standards, ensures all areas of personnel safety, execution, training, environmental, energy efficiencies, management, best practices, planning and the effective and efficient delivery of our core services is ensured.

All the stages of the process are measurable, predictable and monitored with milestones to verify progress. Let us exceed your expectations as your partner.

PMSC Before & After

Project Management

customersPMSC brings professional project management expertise to your facility, utilizing current best industry practices and proven experience. As an ongoing provider of our core services, project management tools are integral to our service delivery. Our Professional Services division consisting of Certified Energy Managers, Energy Management Technicians, and Professional Engineers can help ensure your facility is running as energy efficient as possible.

For time and specific requirements, use of PMSC’s professionals assists you with bringing your project through each process—starting with feasibility study, through preliminary and basic engineering, to substantial value that supports your requirements—to ensure the project you conceptualized and planned can be brought to reality, on time, and within budget and scope.

Ongoing management of the capital process is both desirable and mandatory if facility cost and reliability are to be predictable for owners. PMSC can manage the process you currently have in place, or bring current best practices and standards in this vitally significant area.

As the need to control capital costs becomes critical, applying these techniques is the only way to reduce risk of project overages and ensure delivery. Applying sound management tools in conjunction with your current management process, we can bring predictable savings, as well as assurance to your agency’s delivery capability.

reviewPMSC’s leadership can bring extraordinary, unexpected value to your bottom line. Our goal as your partner in performance excellence means we will reliably deliver high quality maintenance and operations services on time and exceed your expectations over the life of our commitment. Major facilities support is delivered through implementation of best practices and standards. This ensures all areas of personnel safety, execution, training, environmental, management, best practices, planning and the effective (do the right things) and efficient (do things right) delivery of our core services is assured. All the stages of the process are measurable, predictable and monitored with milestones to verify progress. Let us exceed your expectations as your partner.

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