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Environmentally-Responsible Solutions and Products


Our employees undergo a continuous training program for our contracts. We provide our personnel with the most up-to-date methods of accomplishing their jobs in a more efficient and proficient manner. We offer our personnel the opportunity to attend classes and seminars sponsored by manufacturers of the equipment at our contract sites, and provide our supervisors and lead persons the opportunity to attend classes to enhance their performances. Supervisors and lead persons then provide ongoing training programs for personnel under their supervision. Special training emphasis is placed on hazardous material handling, green technologies/product use, and any existing environmentally unstable condition.

As an example, any fluorescent tubes replaced are with environmentally-friendly ‘green tip’ tubes or LEDs where permitted. Removed tubes considered hazardous waste are stored and removed by a fully compliant EPA/DOT licensed hazardous waste removal company.

PMSC utilizes bio-based products whenever available. Bio-based products are our products of choice. Should these products not be available, government-approved ‘green seal’ certified products are utilized. Since many products are yet to be developed using bio-based technologies, our company utilizes green seal certified products. As products are developed and become available, however, we present the new product to the Government for approved usage.

Corporate Environmental Sustainability Statement

At PMSC, we recognize the benefits of managing our business with reusable and sustainable products and services, allowing us to operate in a green environment.


We chose to become an industry leader, guiding our clients toward a green, sustainable path by:

  • Educating, leading and acting as a resource for our clients to operate in an ecologically sustainable manner.
  • Helping our clients in distinguishing between the various applications available in the greening industry.
  • Recommending solutions to Federal, State or Building mandates.
  • Assisting the Federal Government by identifying green solutions that are economically advantageous.
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