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customersWith over 35 years of complete facility support services experience, PMSC has demonstrated its ability to successfully manage the operations and maintenance of wide ranges of facilities, cultivating effective partnerships with various departments of the U.S. Federal Government.

These types of contracts require round-the-clock responsiveness. In many instances this means 24/7/365 onsite operation of the facilities to support mission-critical operations. PMSC performs all planning, programming, administration, management and performance execution necessary to provide preventive and predictive maintenance, repairs, operations and service calls, including routine, urgent and emergency responses.

PMSC employs Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for all of its federal facilities contracts. We utilize and support various CMMS systems (e.g., MAXIMO, and TMA). These systems are an invaluable aid in the compilation of historical data, and the preparation of reports required for contract deliverables.

PMSC performs all logistic and administrative services required to support the O&M services at each of its facilities, including purchasing needed material, stocking, inventory, product use and distribution and an array of specialized services. By virtue of the depth and breadth of most such contract obligations, PMSC has compiled operational status presentations, budgetary tracking and planning, and recordkeeping across an expansive code of mandated specifications and the preparation of normal correspondence. Each contract onsite office purchases materials and supplies required to perform site services, tracks and prepares payroll and human resource requirements, remaining in continual and consistent communication with the appropriate staff at corporate headquarters.


Our Business Model

Through years of experience PMSC has polished its business model by finding the best and most cost-effective method to support our customers. The CEO runs a decentralized organization, with a lean and focused corporate staff that is relatively flat, minimizing the bureaucracy frequently seen in mid to large sized companies. Corporate is readily available to support the field as needed. Each project has the tools to run their organization, feeding information to corporate for payroll, and receiving corporate assistance with purchasing discounts, human resources, financial planning and other support efforts. Our network and software maintain reliable, effective and accurate applications that produce continual and virtually effortless efficient communications between field and corporate. Our Building Professional Services division is also decentralized and self-funded. It provides services to multiple industries allowing professional experts to support field operations when and where they are needed.

Project Autonomy

helpdeskTo ensure a responsive contract management team for the evolving facility conditions, it must be autonomous and have the right to make decisions on contracts. All PMSC’s Project Managers have the authority to run a successful operation and respond to all requirements and change order from the Government.

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