A Brief History

PMSC, dba PM Services and Preventive Maintenance Services Company, was founded in 1986 by the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Carole Metour. In leadership roles, Carole spent many years in hospital operations, management and maintenance—leaving a successful career in hospital management to pursue her passion. The Company was founded on a concept that included many of the stringent management and operational standards set by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

PMSC moved its operations to Florida in 1993 and abbreviated the name of the California corporation, The Preventive Maintenance Services Company, to become PMSC of today. The successor company assumed all assets and liabilities of the former and the California entity was formally dissolved in 1995. PMSC continues to provide complete facilities support services to the Federal Government.

With the headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, PMSC has grown to over 200 employees and craftsmen across its network of contract sites throughout the contiguous United States.

PMSC received its 8(a) certification from the Small Business Administration (SBA) in July 2001 for performance of work under NAICS Code 561210, and was quickly awarded multiple 8(a) or sole source contracts in the subsequent two years. However, the majority of contracts with the Federal Government were awarded competitively, either as a small business set-aside or unrestricted. PMSC ‘graduated’ from 8(a) in May of 2010, and currently is designated as a Woman Owned Small Business.

PMSC has enjoyed over three decades of growth and continues to excel in delivering Complete Facilities Maintenance (CFM) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) to the Federal Government. We continually strive to be the top “go to” company to successfully turn around underperforming contracts in very short order.



The organizational structure of PMSC is designed to provide maximum corporate level support, while minimizing customer’s costs through direct interaction with the contract-site offices. The company was founded on the principle of providing maximum autonomy for onsite Project Managers, while delivering the structure and resources to augment the site staff where needed. Similarly, members of the corporate office are afforded direct interaction with onsite operations in order to achieve the goals or requirements of their particular client.

The unique demands placed on the contract-site offices overseeing Safety, Quality Control, Environmental Compliance, Human Resources, Affirmative Action, fall under this corporate organizational structure. Recently, the Building Professional Services (BPS)—a division of PMSC—was formed. It provides energy, engineering, automation and other professional expertise giving a higher level of technical capabilities, while maintaining low cost to the customers.

PMSC Organization Chart

Our organization structure is not unique, but certainly atypical of “top down” companies. The CEO/President perceives her role as a supportive, mentoring position, enabling key corporate entities the flexibility to foster an organization based on accountability, team participation and improvement to our Projects (client contract sites).

The foundation of our organization is cultivated by the support of the CEO/President, along with the Vice Presidents, Corporate staff and Building Professional Services division.

Key players from each Project (e.g., Project Managers, Chief Engineers and Production Control Clerks) form functional teams and cross-share solutions and innovations with other Projects. They discuss successes, challenges, pros, and cons to an approach to enhance facility environments and uncover ideas. Examples of solutions shared include improvements in client experience, simple and innovative ideas to improve energy efficiency, and streamlining a process.

PMSC Organization